SS LTD Craftsman Structure Super Kits

Thses kits are made of wood and cardstock or resin and have delicate pewter details.

*Craftsman kits are generally for more advanced modelers and require prep & painting.

These kits are not toys and are not for children under the age of 14.

  • 1929 Gas Station Baker Street Super Kit

    Baker Street Super Kit

    This is a fantastic block of buildings! It starts with the very classic 1929 Gas Station Super Kit (SS1101) with its' great super detailing both inside and out with plenty of tools and service station parts. Next we include the popular billboard kit...

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  • Dorothy's House Super Kit with Full Interior

      Nice, small, but very Victorian! Dorothy is the widow of one of the local rail barons, who had this house built back when appearance and opulence was everything. Imported fireplaces from Europe, interior decorating by world class designers,...

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  • Hobo Depot Super Kit

    NEW Kit!!! This former section gang office was abandoned by a defunct shortline and left behind with all it's trash and junk when the tracks were torn up.  Passing hobos and stray cats now make it their 'depot', just far enough away from the nearby...

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  • Locomotive Service Yard SUPER Kit

    This Super Kit is a great way to develop a very classic and complete steam era train yard! Includes the classic Durango Colo. yards Flue Rack & Fire Rack (SS1109). Also the kit includes the Robertson Cinder Conveyor kit (SS1110) to remove your...

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  • Scale Structures LTD Catalog - HO Scale

    13th edition catalog for SS LTD Pewter castings and mini kits, along with Fezziwig's interior detailing kits, and Nevada Iron Works kits and tools. Price sheets included. Catalog includes a coupon for $5.00 off your next direct order with Scale...

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  • T.W. Snow Coaling Tower

    T.W. Snow Coaling Tower

    TW Snow (based in Chicago Illinois area) made many coaling tower designs for many different railroads aroung the country. In this newly revised model kit is a unique structure with a rounded steel coal storage area and the abliity to load two steam...

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  • The Tank Farm Super Kit

    The complete oil production storage set in HO scale! Includes 1 of Kit SS-1120 Pillar Crane and Loading Platform; 2 of Kit SS-1123 Oil Loading Facility Dock & SS-9124 Jensen Oil Pump; & 3 of Kit SS-1112 Oil Tanks.A tank complex that will give...

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  • Toadsuck Canning Company Super Kit

    It was 1908, the year of the Great Earthquake along the New Madrid fault. From northern Missouri to the Gulf of Mexico, the ground undulated at 8.7 on the Richter Scale. During the quake, the Mississippi River reversed its normal Gulf-bound flow and...

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