SS LTD Craftsman Structure Kits

Craftsman Kits

These kits are generally made of scale lumber, diecut cardstock, and many handcast pewter details.  Some may have resin walls (sandable & paintable plastic).

*Craftsman kits are generally for more advanced modelers and require prep & painting.

These kits are not toys and are not for children under the age of 14.

  • 110-130 Ft Turntable Kit

    This is a iron girder type turntable that can be made up into either a 110 scale foot or 130 scale foot unit in either HOn3 (narrow gauge) or standard HO gauge. The bridge 'iron' is made of cast pewter, and the framing and motor shack are of wood. This...

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  • 1880's Union Hotel Kit

    This is a great hotel kit based on the original 1880 built & then burned down (1893), but rebuilt (1915) & still existing hotel/saloon (former hotel / train/stage station) in Los Alamos, Calif. for service on the narrow gauge Pacific Coast Railway & the...

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  • Boiler House Super Kit

    This HO scale kit represents a steam boiler house often used by railroads, mining or industrial companies in their yards to supply steam to the stationary steam engines that would power the many tools or machinery that they use. Nearby would be a machine...

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  • Railway Telephone Shack

    Railway Telephone Shack

    A common sight along the track side of many railroads before radio transmissions took over communications. 6 sided wood structure. A fun quick kit that has hand cast pewter 'wooden' walls and roof - complete with finely cast interior detailing of...

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  • Robertson Cinder Conveyor Kit

    Who would have thought one man could empty ashes from aloco and fill a gondola. In less than an hour? This kit shows how it is done! Over 35 highly detailed handpoured cast pewter parts along with scale lumber, rail and brass wire make up this realistic...

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