Alloy Forms Fire Truck Kits & Detail Parts

Handcast Pewter Craftsman Kits

Truck kits include pewter detail parts, rubber tires and brass axles.

*Craftsman kits are generally for more advanced modelers and require prep & painting.

These kits & parts are not toys and are not for children under the age of 14.

  • Super Detail Kit #2 for any Firetruck

    Hand cast pewter details for any HO scale firetruck. Kit includes 3" & 5" hose fittings, hose guide, & water cannon kit. The hose fittings are a T shaped casting (T handles and tube in 3" diameter & 5" diameter, & a Y adapter fitting for...

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  • Super Detail Kit #3 for any Firetruck

    Hand cast pewter super detailing set in HO scale for any firetruck model kit. Includes: spotlights with separate brackets (2 sets), horizontal emergency light bar, 'cherry' emergency light, hose guides (2 engine mounting types), extending...

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  • Victoria Falls Firehouse Kit

    A clean 2 story brick fire station in the fabled town of Victoria Falls. A design copied in many communities across America.Made of hand poured cast resin walls and roof along with cast pewter detailing. (Alloy Forms AF3035 firetruck not included)HO kit...

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