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Scale Structures LTD manufactures craftsman model structure kits (buildings & more) along with super detail parts & detail kits primarily in HO scale (1:87).  All are made of top quality scale pewter (castings), resin (castings), photo etched brass, brass (drawn & castings)  and/or scale lumber (pre-sized).  (Many detail parts work extremely well in N, TT, S, OO, O, & G scales as well - ask us!)

Since 1968...

We are celebrating over 50 years this year!



Alloy Forms manufactures a line of classic American HO scale craftsman model vehicle kits and super detail parts from the 1930's thru the 1980's.  All are made of top quality pewter or resin, with injection molded parts, photo etched brass, and drawn brass. 

All products are manufactured in the USA!


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Scale Structures LTD (SS LTD) and Alloy Forms (AF) has had a very complex history that has been interwoven into the fabric of the miniature modeling world's history since the 1960's.

SS LTD was created by John Coots as a side business in his busy world of miniature modeling for the movie industry in Hollywood Calif. back in 1968.  He incorporated the talents of John Herrmann and several other fine modeling artists to help build the large inventory of small cast metal super detail parts that were soon used extensively within the modeling community and outward into the worlds of museums and architectural modeling.

Walthers Inc. of Milwaukee Wisc. aquired SS LTD in 1977, merging the company into it's own vast lineup of fine hobby products.

JAKS Industries of Erie Colo. purchased almost the entire SS LTD line along with many building kits and cast detail parts of Magnuson from Walthers Inc. in the mid 1990's.  JAKS purchased some of the Chooch, Period Miniatures, Triangle Scale Models, Mile Post Model Works, Finest Kind Models, & Arkansas Valley Models' lines of buildings and cast detail parts also in the 1990's. 

 Alloy Forms (started in the 1980's in Calif.) created small detail parts and kits along with cast car and small truck kits. Purchased by JAKS Industries in the 1990's as well, the HO scale truck line from Lee Town Models was merged into the lineup to offer both automobile and truck kits and detail parts.

Ad Infinitum, LLC of Inman Kans. purchased the entire HO scale divisions of both SS LTD & Alloy Forms from JAKS Industries Inc. in 2009, and moved the company to it's current location in central Kansas, USA. Ad Infinitum LLC is owned and operated by Peter & Karen Jung and family.   The manufacturing facility is located within 100 feet of the Union Pacific RR (former Rock Island Line) in Inman Kansas.

Since the purchase of the lines by Ad Infinitum LLC, new kits and details have been introduced, and many upgrades have occurred. We have improved the formerly white/lead metal in the detail parts to genuine pewter (with extremely little to no lead content within the metal).  Other improvements have included adding new Super Kits to several of our most popular structure kits, revision of instructions for many kits, & upgrading to extra high quality resins and mold release agents for casting the many resin buildings and detail parts SS LTD & Alloy Forms resin kits are made with. 

SS LTD & Alloy Forms are now reintroducing many of their older kits that have been discontinued throughout the years as requests for them increase.

Look for more kits and detail parts in the near future!


Look for more history of SS LTD in the March April 2016 edition of Narrow Gauge & Shortline Gazette!